The Murray Hill Theatre is the nation’s premier Christian rock venue featuring state of the art sound and light systems. We are an alcohol-free, drug-free, smoke-free, all-ages nightspot that showcases live music with a positive message.

The Murray Hill Theatre provides live entertainment and the arts with the goal of providing the youth and adults of Jacksonville with a fun, exciting and alternative night spot that encourages them with a message of hope and redemption. As an alternative to typical bars and nightclubs, we give people a safe nightspot to enjoy live music and dancing.

We are open most Fridays and Saturdays and on an occasional Sunday or week night.

Venue Info

The Murray Hill Theatre is an historic landmark located at 932 Edgewood Avenue South, in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.  The Theatre was opened in 1949 as a movie theatre that shut down sometime in the 1980’s.  The building was purchased and converted to its present use in 1995 by Murray Hill Ministries, Inc.

Unless otherwise indicated, all shows are general admission and are open to all ages.  Most shows are standing shows with limited seating available in the back of the theatre on a first-come/first-served basis.

A snack bar offers light snacks and hot and cold beverages at reasonable prices.


Our maximum capacity is 598 General Admission standing-room only. For certain shows we put out chairs which reduces the capacity to 300. There is typically just a few chairs at the back of the auditorium that are available on a first come, first served basis, but the artists would prefer to see you standing in front of the stage with everyone else.


Our mission is to have a great live music venue and to use live music and entertainment to present the Christian Faith in a unique, positive and relevant way, reaching out to those without an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging those who do.  We strive to create a positive and loving atmosphere for everyone, regardless of your faith perspective.

Ministry Overview

The Murray Hill Theatre is operated by Murray Hill Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Christian Faith-based organization. Murray Hill Ministries was established in 1995 by Founder and President Tony Nasrallah with the desire of using the Murray Hill Theatre as an outreach as well as a place to strengthen and encourage those who already know God and desire to deepen their walk with Him.

Murray Hill Ministries depends on donations and proceeds from events to continue operating the Murray Hill Theatre. Those desiring to contribute financially with a tax-deductible gift can do so through a PayPal link at or by mailing a check made payable to Murray Hill Ministries, Inc., to P.O. Box 380006, Jacksonville, FL 32205.

Booking & Renting the Murray Hill Theatre

We produce and book our shows and rent the venue to those who wish to produce their own shows.  Co-production may also be an option.  The venue can be rented for private parties, meetings and other events.  If you are interested in performing at the Murray Hill Theatre or renting it for your own event, please refer to the Booking and Private Events pages for more information.

House Production Equipment

Our state-of-the-art house sound and lighting equipment is continually updated so that we can offer our bands and artists the best show possible.


  • House PA:
    • EAW KF850 system
    • OAP TR218 Subs
    • QSF amplification (capable of producing 96-104 dB of clear, undistorted, full-range sound)
  • FOH Console – Behringer X32
  • Up to eight (8) distinct monitor mixes off the FoH Console
  • Three (3) wedges across the Downstage edge
  • One drum fill wedge
  • Three (3) wired direct IEMs (1/8”)
  • Two (2) wireless IEMs – Carvin EM900 & EM901
  • All necessary cabling and power
  • Microphones and microphone stands available
  • Backline, instruments and instrument stands are not available


  • Upstage Truss:
    • Ten (10) Blizzard Hotbox LED RGBW’s
    • Four (4) Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 Movers
    • Two (2) Blinder Par Cans
    • Three (3) Standard white Par Cans
  • Downstage Batten:
    • Four (4) Blizzard Hotbox LED RGBW’s
  • Martin mPC with M-Touch Lighting Console
  • Ultratec Radiance Hazer on DMX
  • Ceiling mounted LCD projector connected to MAC Computer via RGB
  • Full size movie theater screen behind stage